Shaft Stiffness index (SSI)

QB has developed a Shaft Stiffness Index. The number is determined by the distance inches at which the shaft bends 1/2" under a 165 lbs load. So the stiffer the shaft the higher the SSI number.

The general rule is that the bigger you are, in both weight and height the higher SSI type shaft we recommend. All paddles come standard with the SSI shaft that matches the selected blade size. For some paddles (Kanaha AC) you can request a non-standard SSI. All options are available in the dropdown selection box.

Watch Our SSI Video

SUP Model Blade Size Standard SSI SSI Options
Kanaha AC 90 38 38 or 40
Kanaha AC 100 38 38 or 40
Kanaha AC 110 40 38 or 40
Adjustable & Travel Paddles are SSI 40 only

These are recommended paddles SSI's by paddler height, weight and blade size. They are considered good choices for the majority of paddlers. Your personal preference, physical attributes or intended usage may require a choice different from the above recommendations.