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One Year Limited Warranty: We pride ourselves as the toughest, lightest paddles on Earth and we stand behind our craftsmanship and workmanship on each and every paddle that leaves our doors. Should your Quickblade paddle snap, bend or crack under normal usage in the water during the one year warranty period, we will repair or replace your Quickblade paddle and ship it back, at no charge. Please see warranty details below.

Upon receiving your damaged paddle we will carefully inspect the damage and decide on repair or replacement. If we determine there was any misuse or abuse of your Quickblade paddle (say you... closed the garage door on it, snapped it in the crack between dock slats or lifted a Land Cruiser with it- examples), it will unfortunately void the one year limited warranty.

If your Quickblade paddle is out of warranty, older than 1 year or subject to non-normal usage or abuse, we still want to help you get back out on the water. We will quickly provide you our best estimate to repair or replace, and return ship the non-warranty paddle.

Return Shipping Policies:
Under Warranty
QB paddles orginally purchased or delivered in the USA will only be return shipped at no charge to USA addresses
QB paddles orginally purchased or delivered in the USA can be shipped to international addresses at the cost of shipping
www.Quickbladepaddles.com orders originally shipped internationally can be return shipped to you internationally at no charge
QB Paddles purchased at international store locations should be returned to orginal store for repairs and replacements

Out of Warranty
We will charge you the actual cost of the return shipping to the location of your choice

How To Get Warranty Service:

Step 1: Please complete & print the Warranty Request form

Step 2: Please include the following required items:
     1. The damaged item.
     2. A detailed description of the problem and what happened.
     3. Your proof of purchase that includes the date purchased.
     4. The printout from the online Warranty Request form
          (located here www.quickbladepaddles.com/warranty/form.php)

Step 3: Send all the items in Step 2 to Quickblade based on purchase method:

     Retail Purchases at Store Locations (USA or international)
          Please return the QB paddle to the location of purchase (unless it was shipped to you)

     www.QuickbladePaddles.com purchases and any paddle shipped to you
          Paddles purchased direct from www.QuickbladePaddles.com, online purchases from retail shops,
          or paddles that were shipped to you from one of our retailers should be shipped directly to:

          Quick Blade Inc.
          1733 Monrovia Ave., Unit O
          Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Step 4: We will contact you to discuss replacement or repair options.

What is
"Misuse" or "Abuse"?
Explanation and examples

Warranty Service
Request Form

Non-Warranty Service
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