Apparel Sizing Information

Gender Products Sizing
Men's Shirts All current shirts run true to size
Men's Shorts Paddling shorts run true to size
Women's All items run true to size
Men's & Women's All Compression For men, select the size shirt or pant you normally wear. The compression gear is sized to match street cloths.

For women, the same sizing rules apply EXCEPT if you are purchasing a Men's only item for yourself, then you should select one size smaller than your normal street cloths (IE: if you wear women's medium, select a men's small)
Hat's All All head gear is "one-size-fits-most"
So unless you've got a tiny head, or massive cranium, our head gear should fit okay. (Not recommended for younger children)

These are recommended sizes based on normal fits for street cloths. Your personal preference may require a choice different from the above recommendations.