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Price $169.00
Blade Size
90 sq/in /
Adjustable Standard 70" to 78" :: +$20.00
Adjustable Youth 62" to 70" :: +$20.00
Adjustable Tall 74" to 82" :: +$20.00
Fixed Length (select below)
Grip & Shaft
Specialized Pump Grip
Black with Fun Paddle Colors
Minimum: 44"   ---   Maximum: 88"
You may be able to special order extended length.
QB SUP GUN can squirt water like a super soaker. The highly accurate nozzle at the top of the blade allows you to suck water into the shaft by sliding the paddle handle out. You can then shoot a massive stream of water by pushing the handle back into position for paddling. It has all the same, thoughtful design that goes into each of our paddles - from grip to paddle. So not only is it rugged, lightweight and easy to use, but its also lightweight and easy on your wallet.


Blade Length 16"
Blade Width 8.3"
Weight 28 oz.
Blade Area 90 sq. in
Angle of Blade

Standard Features

Polycarbonate Palm Grip Dihedral Edge

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One Year Limited Warranty: We pride ourselves as the toughest, lightest paddles on Earth and we stand behind our craftsmanship and workmanship on each and every paddle that leaves our doors. Should your Quickblade paddle snap, bend or crack under normal usage in the water during the one year warranty period, we will repair or replace your Quickblade paddle and ship it back, at no charge. Please see warranty details at www.quickbladepaddles.com/warranty/

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