Stingray All Carbon Hex - Fixed

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Product Description

Order the Stingray 2" shorter from the chart length or your normal length

Blade length 10" (25cm)
Blade width 11.5" (29cm)
Blade angle 12 degree
Blade size area 72 sq/in (465 sq/cm)
Overall weight 14 ounces (340 g)

The Stingray is a revolutionary new shape that will change the paddling world as we know it. The blade is only 10 inches long (25cm) which is half the length of most traditional blades, the reduced blade length reduces the catch and exit time by 100% as it takes half the time. The reduced blade length allows the center of area of the blade to be just 3.5" from the tip of the blade giving it a more distinct snappy catch and release.

This blade has a thin foiled shape that at 12 degree angle to the shaft is designed to have some "winged" effect as you drive it into the water making the blade literally want to go forward as you make the catch giving you extra length on the power phase of the stroke. What is unique about this thin foiled shape is that it performs a similar effect in reverse as the blade starts to exit from the water it wants to thrust forward slightly and efficiently all of the way to the exit.

To maximize the "winged" foil effect of the blade, we developed an all carbon tapered shaft, providing minimal drag below the pulling hand.

We believe based on Initial testing of the Stingray that it is so efficient it has increased boat traveling speeds by 1-2%.