Toa Hoe Hybrid (Wood Shaft)

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Product Description

The smooth elegant lines of this blade allow it to have the cleanest catch and exit of any paddle we’ve designed.
We have lengthened and rounded slightly the blade tip template to soften the initial catch a touch and be a little more forgiving in sloppy windy conditions.
The blade has a subtle smooth dihedral allowing it to be very stable and suitable for steering a V1 as well.

Blade sizes
109 sq/in - 9” wide x 19” tall (23cm x 48cm)
119 sq/in – 9.65” wide x 19.3” tall (24.5cm x 49cm)
Blade angle to shaft – 15 degree
Shaft material – wood (laminated polar and cedar strips)
Handle – carbon T standard
Weight – 17 ounces (@49”)